License and terms of use.


Marcin Karkowski Store is a website where you can buy 3d content.


Marcin Karkowski Store: website
Content: all the content you can buy or download on
Product: represent every 3d model, 3d scan, scene or shader from Marcin Karkowski Store.
User: a person with 18 years old or over that bought Product from Marcin Karkowski Store website and agreed to Marcin Karkowski Store License.
License: the terms and conditions for using the products from Marcin Karkowski Store website.



All the products from Marcin Karkowski Store belongs to Marcin Karkowski and they can’t be transferred or assigned to the end user.
Marcin Karkowski does not own any intellectual property like trademarks, product design or the original products under a brand name.
It is users responsibility how products from the Marcin Karkowski Store will be used. Depends on the project user will need consent of proper owner of intellectual property.


Conditions of use

Products from Marcin Karkowski Store are his property and can be used in personal and commercial works.

Allowed use:
Creating still images, animations and videos
Modyfiying Products for educational or personal use.

Not allowed use:
Selling, reselling, sublicensing, leasing, or renting Products or parts of Product in original or modified form.



Marcin Karkowski Store use Gumroad to sell Products.
By clicking “Buy” button in Product page User will be transferred to Gumroad where payment can be made.
After succesful payment User will receive an e-mail with direct link to Product files.

Detailed info about buying on Gumroad and accessing the purchase can be viewed under these links: